Drake Captions was my first attempt at a viral social experiment, I wanted to make a fun tool with the purpose of getting my name out there more in the industry. The site was featured on Product Hunt and surprisingly did pretty well on Reddit too. Drake Captions received 10,000 users in its first day and continues to see new users through organic searches.

The site is a fun idea focused around finding the perfect Drake lyric for your Instagram caption. For those who don't know, Instagram asks for a caption to go along with the photo of your post. Most people struggle to think of a caption to fit with their photo, so they tend to use a relatable lyric from a favourite song. Instagram is the most popular social network and Drake is one of the most viral artists as we all saw with the Hotline Bling memes. It was the perfect fit.

Drake Captions was a two day side project. The first day was spent on the design and the code of the site. The design features a slightly blurred animated image background that allows for the content to stand out. Every time the generate button is clicked a new animated image is shown along with the new content. The site was coded in HTML, CSS and Javascript, it was a learn as you go experience for me because I haven't implemented Javascript in many of of my projects. The second day was spent rounding up all of the significant Drake lyrics from his latest albums, basically I spent the day listening to Drake. Then it was time to put the finishing touches on the site and ship it.

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