Super 8 is a fun and engaging concept application for watching and reviewing movies. The app displays eight new movies each week to watch and review on the platform, the idea comes from a traditional book club and those who enjoy engaging in in-depth discussion on a particular topic.

The application is user focused, it allows users to interact with each other and give their opinions on the movies provided each week. The application is about community and engaging with those who enjoy movies as much as you do and lets users give a simple 5 star rating upon finishing a movie or diving deeper into a full review.

Movie feed showcasing eight new movies every week. Selected movie view displaying reviews and credits.

The design is simplistic in nature which allows for a new user to understand and interact with the interface upon first glance. The dark user interface is less harsh on the eyes and allows for better nighttime viewing. The golden accent colour used represents reviewing and prestige as it has with the Golden Globe Awards, the GRAMMY Awards and many other academies in the entertainment industry today.

Movie reviews displaying the lastest reviews for a particualr movie. User profile displaying their latest reviews.

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